EtyFans, my new project.

As some of you might already know I’m the curator of Headwize Memorial, a project I took under my wing, so fans could have a way to access a backup of the core projects of HeadWize, looking at the stats of the site, I’m happy to say it went above and beyond being a backup, and it’s now a resource visited by many DIY enthusiasts and even referenced by Jan Meier himself.
The legacy of Mr. Chu Moy will carry on for years to come, safely backed up on the Internet Archive and in his memorial.

This brings me to a new project where I’ll be yet again a curator even if with a more hands-on approach.
EtyFans started because after buying my Etymotic ER2XR I didn’t found any community outside Head-Fi where I could talk with fellow fans, the fact there was no fan site dedicated to Etymotic made me wonder if I could create one, and so after buying my ER4XR I started building EtyFans on WordPress.
I don’t expect this project to be very high maintenance given the typical release schedule of Etymotic, for now I’m gathering Etymotic links and content scattered around the internet, I also want to write about the history of the brand just like I did with my Beyerdynamic article, some research will be necessary for that, so it will take some time.
I did reach out to Etymotic to make sure they knew this fan project was online and to make sure they don’t have anything against it. I’m still waiting for an official reply.
Furthermore, I know fan sites aren’t always well-received by brands, an example of that is Canon which nuked fan made communities in the past, so I don’t want to have any kind of problems like that going forward in the future.

For now if you are a Etymotic fan feel free to follow EtyFans or join the very small Discord server.

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