Samsung tuned by AKG counterfeits sold by Amazon (EO-IG955).

No, I will not make a new guide on how to avoid Samsung EO-IG955 fakes because Samsung already made a good guide on the subject, but I want to write about the massive Amazon counterfeits problem so to raise even more awareness on the subject.

In my opinion, 100% of the Samsung tuned by AKG earphones currently (23 May 2021) listed on Amazon are counterfeits, what’s worse the AKG and Samsung house names are being tarnished with every counterfeit sale.
Amazon sadly refuses to solve this problem, so these listings continue to plague their online shop.
Samsung meanwhile made a short guide that helps and warns people about these cheap knockoffs, AKG also warns that you should only buy from their authorized dealers.

Some buyers continue to test their luck by thinking they’ll have better luck than those “suckers” who are complaining with negative Amazon reviews, pro tip they won’t. Unless Amazon actually starts selling these earphones sourced from Samsung/AKG, you will only be buying a counterfeit.

As for positive reviews on Amazon, there are many ways to inflate those and most Amazon buyers lack knowledge to separate the fakes from the original earphones, not everyone is into audio so keep that in mind.

This is an old official image from Samsung, on it, you can see the earphones, case, tips and box. This is what you should have got when you bought the Samsung tuned by AKG earphones.

Anyway, the earphones sold by Samsung with the model (EO-IG955) should only be bought from authorized dealers or from the official Samsung or AKG online stores.
CURRENTLY AND IF IN DOUBT YOU MUST ASSUME ALL LISTINGS ON AMAZON ARE OF COUNTERFEIT EO-IG955 EARPHONES unless Amazon themselves become an authorized dealer which in May 2021 is not yet the case.

Regarding the shops selling this trash on Amazon, if they are not Samsung, AKG or Amazon, then they are selling counterfeits, always make sure you are buying from Amazon and not from another shop, under the “Add to Cart / Purchase Now” buttons you will have “Ships from” and “Sold by” sections, always check if BOTH of those say “Amazon”. Also keep in mind just because it’s shipped by Amazon this doesn’t make a product legit, a lot of small shops ship using the Amazon infrastructure.

I hope Amazon solves this sooner or later, until then lets avoid buying trash and save the environment and our wallets.
If you bought any counterfeit product from Amazon, leave a negative review to the shop and report the problem using this page – Report Infringement, if we all report these listings Amazon will be a better shop.

Remember when in doubt buy from the official Samsung or AKG online stores.

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