5 cheap earphones audiophile newbies should try.

Last updated on September 2021

Everyone loves lists, and today I’m in a mood to make a list of my own.
A simple list to make those new to the audiophile hobby understand that price and sound quality are sometimes not related.

These are earphones for people who need good audio but just don’t want to spend money, they are also very nice and friendly gates into the audiophile hobby, and above all they will make a lot of enthusiasts understand that this hobby has more to offer than megabucks in-ears.

I made this list because I was bored, hope it helps someone along their audiophile journey.
I also want to say that I own and regularly listen to the earphones above, this is not a list made with gear I never tried before.


One thought on “5 cheap earphones audiophile newbies should try.

  1. What a coincidence that you mentioned the KZ ie 8. I accidently broke mine yesterday. The female pin of one of the buds just came out attached to the cable pin. They were surprisingly easy to repair, though, with just one screw holding it together. I took the chance to put a small square of 3m micropore at the back of the faceplate and now they are sounding even better.
    Mine’s original cable is awfull to the point it plays louder on the right side. At first I thought the problem was at the driver, but after getting a new OEM cable from AE, it became evident that it was not the case.
    I have the ie8 for quite a while, but I’m using them more lately. They didn’t pair well with my Fiio x3II back then. But now I’m using them with a Shanling UP4 and it’s a perfect match.
    Great list, by the way. But at least the three first IEM are not available anymore or the risk of buying a fake one is huge.
    I would suggest throwing some readily available options such as the KZ ZSN Pro, the AS10, or some selected TRN models.


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