Why I might go from Linux to Windows 11.

In 2013 I started using Ubuntu / Xubuntu daily, later on I would jump to Pop!_OS as my main daily OS, I still run Windows 10 Home for my games and on my netbook, it’s a decent OS.
When I changed to GNU/Linux I did it because I was tired of maintaining my OS. Having to deal with the never ending updates of my software, I was tired of waiting after every reboot. I also hated the design changes Microsoft was implementing on Windows.

Anyway after some years, I can say Pop!_OS is an amazing OS, still Linux (I’m going to drop the GNU, sorry Stallman fans) has some nags that I hate.
Hardware support still lacks compared with Windows. Yes, I still get video tearing with closed sourced Nvidia drivers in Linux, it’s less noticeable compared with 8 years ago, but Windows is much smoother imo.
Playing video games in Linux is a pain, that’s why I use Windows 10 after all.
Audio in Linux is…Let’s say Pulse could be improved.
Software choices are very limited, I use some paid software that I can only run in Windows, switching all the time, pretty much wastes the quality of life Linux gives me.
While super solid, Linux can be very picky and stubborn with hardware, Windows on the other hand just works (most of the time).

So while I do love Linux, for the super robust OS. These days I feel Windows finally caught up with it and I suspect Windows 11 might see me returning to the Windows ecosystem.
The GUI design and interactions look solid, and yes, I know it’s only visuals but when you are more than 10 hours in front of a screen, visuals do matter, at least for me. Keep in mind I’m not a developer, I don’t use or need CLI, I enjoy having a pretty GUI like most home users do.
Android apps installing directly from the Microsoft store without the need for 3rd party emulators or APKs are VERY tempting for an android user like myself, forget the social media apps, I just want some of those games.

I also might return to Windows for other unrelated but important reasons.
My kids are now in an age where they actually use the computer to make school stuff, and Windows has the tools for parents like myself, I sincerely don’t want my kids to be exposed to the awful side of the internet like so many other kids are these days.
Everything has a time and place, and I’ll be there to help and educate them to navigate the pitfalls of the web, until then I want some peace of mind, so I know my children are using the desktop to search for school stuff and are not exposed to some nasty random stuff that might pop up on a web search.

The Covid19 lockdown made working from home a thing for a lot of people, my family included, some of those tools sadly can only be used in Windows, it’s as simple as that.

Anyway, I will still use Pop!_OS as my second OS, because I like having a backup option just in case.

Being limited by political views (in the case of so many Linux users) adds nothing to my quality of life, and believe me since the start of the Covid19 outbreak I value my quality of life more and more.
My daily OS works for me, not the other way around, if Windows works better for me than Linux then I’ll return to Windows.

Change happens, we must deal with it.

2 thoughts on “Why I might go from Linux to Windows 11.

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  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your site/blog; can’t wait to browse through everything. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.


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