From Pop!_OS to Windows 10.

Two weeks ago I went back to Windows 10 as my daily driver, I really miss gnome design, but I guess that’s the price I must pay for some daily quality of life improvements.

After installing everything I needed to work with Win10, a solid 8 hours of tweaking and installing stuff, I was more or less happy with the outcome.
Win10 file explorer continues to be an ugly thing to use, with a lot of options that should in my opinion be hidden for advanced users only. The fact I need to enable a setting to view extensions in the file name continues to be a dumb and insecure thing, but alas it’s windows.

I had to install an “antivirus”, some of you might roll your eyes, specially if you are Linux users, but while I can make do without an “antivirus” just like I did with Pop!_OS, this computer will be used by my family who might make some mistakes’ security wise. I went with a 1-year subscription, of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, but I bought it with a massive discount on another online store, it does the job and stays out the way, both daily and in resources.

For viewing media I went with VLC and SMPlayer. Foobar2000 will always be my default music player and that’s about it.

Stuff I use on my PC that some users might not use, I use Baidu NetDisc, Mega and Cyberduck. This last one was also one of the reasons why I went back to Windows. I have a rather slow internet access, and sometimes I need to download very large files from Google Drive, Cyberduck solves that problem. While I do use torrent files, I use direct downloads much more often these days.

Besides that, I can finally play Arknights on my desktop computer for all those gorgeous graphics.
Arknights is a chinese made tower defense gacha game and also one of my favorite games, I have been playing it every day for a solid 1-year now. I’m currently a level 111 player (currently cap is at 120) but I’ll leave that for another day.

Windows 10 while not amazing is performing well of my current rig, the 32Gb of RAM available do help my aging Ryzen 1600X. At least now I have tear free video and my GPU is fully used by the OS.

Things that in my opinion Windows 10 needs to improve.

  • The updates, those constant reboot requests, need to stop. This in my opinion is the worst of Windows, I know it’s related with their way of updating the system, but they need to solve it.
  • The legacy icons also need to be scrubbed, can’t believe a corporation like Microsoft can’t update their old legacy icons. I know I’m nitpicking, but this actually makes me rather upset, it’s lazy in my opinion.
  • Actually, Microsoft really needs to update and consolidate their windows icon pack and also give guidelines for companies/developers who make software for Windows. Some stuff out there is god tier ugly.
  • Live wallpapers need to become a out-of-the-box thing, computers these days can look so much more than 15 years ago, I wouldn’t say enable them by default, but at least it should be something easy to use by everyday users who have the hardware to pull it off.
  • The file explorer needs a facelift, while it’s important to have the tools to work with files, sometimes hiding some settings would be the better option.

I know most of these are GUI related, but the interaction with my OS is something I value a lot. It’s also one of the few things I respect Apple for, even if sometimes I think they lock too many settings.

Anyway, for now, it’s been a smooth transition.

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