Windows 11 and AMD Ryzen 5 1600X.

For my surprise, my older AMD Ryzen 5 processor is not supported by Windows 11, lunched in 2017 the 1600X is 5 years old, not exactly very old, but old enough to be forgotten by Microsoft, while not exactly a problem because Windows 10 will still work fine, it’s rather frustrating because my processor is not exactly bottom tier specially if compared with some laptop CPUs that are compatible with Win 11.

I really wanted to try Windows 11, but alas, guess older hardware is not welcome to the party, which can be a curious issue for Microsoft given that a lot of companies are still using very old hardware, sometimes even Core2Duo/Quad generation processors.
While I understand the push for a better, more secure OS, I feel Microsoft might have shot themselves in the foot if they want to push Win 11 for companies.

It’s still possible to run the new Microsoft OS on a Ryzen 5 1600X, but it’s not optimized and the kernel won’t be very “happy”.
With all of that on the table, I won’t be updating to Win 11 anytime soon.
My desktop will remain on Windows 10, which is stable and won’t give me headaches anytime soon.

If you have the hardware and like cutting-edge stuff while also being an unofficial beta tester, I think you will be happy Win 11.
For people with older processors or others who need a stable work environment, maybe it’s better to wait a bit.

I’m not happy with the outcome, but alas innovation waits for no one.

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