Olá! Pleasure to meet you, my name is Rafael aka Jour, and I’m the grumpy Portuguese dad who writes everything on this site.

More about me, let’s see… I’m a father of 3 kids, husband to a lovely badass tomboy who I have the pleasure to call my best friend for almost 20 years.

I’m a Portuguese native speaker, mostly self-taught in English, and I also understand a bit of Spanish, French and Italian.
Music is really important in my life, my favorite genres are symphonic / power metal, Jpop and instrumental soundtracks from movies, anime and video games. I also enjoy anime, manga, playing Arknights and painting my own T-shirts.

Hi-Fi enthusiast

Since I remember I always had a love affair with music and high-fidelity, but being born in a middle-class family with some financial problems during the 80s Portuguese economic crisis made it clear that if I wanted any kind of gear I would need to buy it with my own money.
Yes, I regret spending my money on overpriced gear especially after all the hard work I had to endure during my Summer vacations in the ’90s. Even so, I don’t regret buying my Sony MZ-R35 Mini-Disc Walkman, because it was an amazing machine that gave me hundreds of hours of music pleasure.

I enjoy portable audiophile gear with a special focus on the low/mid budget line.
Due to my experiences, I refuse to buy overpriced gear. I think it’s possible to have an amazing sound on the cheap, something one could only dream during the 80s and 90s.
My favorite headphones/in-ears tend to very detailed on the treble with balanced mids and controlled deep bass. I hate veiled headphones, so please keep that in mind when reading any opinion I write around here.
My hearing is fine for now, but please keep in mind I’m now 40 years old, and I’m probably not as sensitive to higher frequencies as my younger self.

This site

I originally started a blog on the Tumblr platform but in 2013 with the acquisition by Yahoo I felt the service was derailing, so I jumped to a paid one on WordPress.com.

Through the years I wrote many blogs, most were dedicated to one subject and in Portuguese, with this site, I broke those rules and tried to write in English about various things I really enjoy (Ok, mostly Hi-Fi).

Feel free to hang around, please note that sometimes due to my family or work schedules I might not write for long periods of time, but the site is not abandoned, and I still keep an eye on comments, likes, and subscriptions.
If by chance this site doesn’t get updated for more than a year without warning, expect the worst. Yes, it’s depressing, but I know some writers who kicked the bucket and their projects still stay online like bottles in the ocean.

My projects

2018 – Started curating the HeadWize Memorial, the main propose of the memorial is to honor the work and vision of Mr. Chu Moy by protecting his legacy as long as possible.

2019 – Created a small private discord community where music enthusiasts and weebs can chat about daily life, music and audio equipment in a very “safe” environment.

2021 – Created EtyFans a resource site for Etymotic fans.

Contact information

If you need to contact me feel free to comment on any post of this site or reach out on the contact page or via Twitter.
I might take some time to reply, so please be patient and keep in mind that your timezone might not be the same as mine (Portuguese GMT). I won’t reply to toxic messages.