About Me

aboutWelcome, my name is Rafael, I’m an 80’s child with three little Portuguese pups of my own.

On my free time I often write about High-Fidelity, music, life and sometimes GNU/Linux.
I love portable Hi-Fi gear with special focus in the low/mid budget area. If you enjoy those topics feel free to hang around, subscribe or talk with me at Twitter.

I have a background on construction where I was a plasterer for more than a decade alongside my father, these days I’m a private security officer.
Contact Information.

If needed you can use my wordpress contact page.

Sponsors & Affiliations.
I don’t make money from this site and I’m not affiliated with any brands I often write about or show around here. It’s a purely personal space I use to vent some ideas and projects. If that changes I’ll disclose it here.

Creative Commons and exceptions.
Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International LicenseExcept where noted.
Some parts of this site may display the work of others, such work is not licensed by the creative commons license.

Any photograph depicting the author on this site is copyrighted and is not licensed by the creative commons license.

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