About Me

novo2016Cheers and welcome to my blog!

My name is Rafael Lino and I was born during the 80’s in a beautiful European country called Portugal.
Right now I work as a security officer, an honorable job that pays the bills and helps me raise my kids. During the past decade my life changed a bit, I met the future mother of my children, started living in Lisbon, found a new job and became a parent. With all those changes one thing remained with me, my unwavering love for music, the anchor of my life in good and bad times.

Past and present:
From a young age I always had a love affair with Hi-Fi, but being born in a middle class family with some financial problems during the 80’s Portuguese economic crisis made it clear to me that if I wanted any kind of Hi-Fi gear I would need to buy it with my own money. I do regret spending my money on overpriced gear specially after all the hard work I had to endure during my Summer vacations, but I don’t regret buying my Sony MZ-R35 Mini-Disc Walkman because it was an amazing machine that gave me hundreds of hours of music pleasure.
These days I enjoy portable audiophile gear with special focus on the low/mid budget line. Due to my past experience I refuse to buy overpriced gear, I believe today is possible to have an amazing sound on the cheap, something one could only dream during the 80’s and 90’s.
My favorite headphones tend to very detailed on the treble with balanced mids and controlled deep bass. I hate veiled headphones, so please keep that in mind when reading any opinion I write around here.

The Journeyman toolbox:
I originally started my blog on the Tumblr platform but with the acquisition by Yahoo I felt the service was derailing, so I jumped to a paid one on WordPress.com.
After the move my blog had a lot of shared posts from other Tumblr blogs but with time and a lot of patience I finally purged most of that content, mostly because it looked awful with the WordPress formatting. I also deleted a lot of personal stuff along with those shared posts because it didn’t make any sense to me these days.
Thru the years I wrote many blogs, most were dedicated to one subject and in Portuguese, with this one I broke those rules and tried to write in English about various things I really enjoy (Ok, mostly Hi-Fi). It’s by far my oldest project online and was named after my job title “Journeyman” and the fact I have way too much tool boxes laying around.

Feel free to hang around and subscribe to the blog or my twitter, please note that sometimes due to my family or work schedules I might not write for long periods of time, but the blog is not abandoned and I still keep an eye on comments, likes and subscriptions. If by chance this blog doesn’t get updated for more than a year without warning, expect the worst. I know it’s depressing but I know some bloggers who kicked the bucket and their blogs still stay online like bottles in the ocean.

Curious facts: 
I’m mostly self–taught in English, after leaving school I became a pen-pal because I wanted to know more about the world, as a result I had to improve a great deal my basic written English and I’m still learning to this day.  
I understand Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. The two last ones I can read and understand when spoken but I can’t write or speak.
I use public transports for everything, due to that fact I really know my way around Lisbon.
Sometimes I paint my own T-Shirts and jackets. I also love patches, pins and stickers.
I’m a Sony and Beyerdynamic fanboy but will point the finger if they mess something up.

Contact Information:

If you need to contact privately please use my wordpress contact page.

Sponsors & Affiliations:
I don’t make money from this site and I’m not affiliated with any brands I often write about or show around here. It’s a purely personal space I use to vent some ideas and projects. If that changes I’ll disclose it on the post and here.