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I write this personal site for fun and my intention is always a good one, so please use my advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations with caution and at your own responsibility.
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• I don’t make money from this site and I don’t work for or receive monetary compensation from any brands I often write about or show around here.

• Most of the gear I review is bought with my money, but I might cooperate with stores that will provide selected free samples or discounts on gear. I will always disclose if I’m reviewing a free sample or if I had a store discount. Also, keep in mind the free gear will not be sold after the review. It will be kept it in storage as long as it’s still relevant, so I can compare it with newer models.

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Freedom of speech

This personal site strives to abide by the Portuguese and international laws but does not relinquish the freedom of speech given Article 37* of the Portuguese Republic constitution. The author of this site is a Portuguese citizen, currently living in Portuguese ground.

*Constitution of the Portuguese Republic
Article 37
(Freedom of expression and information)
1. Everyone has the right to freely express and divulge his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination.
2. Exercise of these rights may not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship.
3. Infractions committed in the exercise of these rights are subject to the general principles of the criminal law or the law governing administrative offences, and the competence to consider them shall pertain to the courts of law or an independent administrative entity respectively, as laid down by law.
4. Every natural and legal person shall be equally and effectively ensured the right of reply and to make corrections, as well as the right to compensation for damages suffered

Constituição da República Portuguesa
rtigo 37.º
(Liberdade de expressão e informação)
1. Todos têm o direito de exprimir e divulgar livremente o seu pensamento pela palavra, pela imagem ou por qualquer outro meio, bem como o direito de informar, de se informar e de ser informados, sem impedimentos nem discriminações.
2. O exercício destes direitos não pode ser impedido ou limitado por qualquer tipo ou forma de censura.
3. As infracções cometidas no exercício destes direitos ficam submetidas aos princípios gerais de direito criminal ou do ilícito de mera ordenação social, sendo a sua apreciação respectivamente da competência dos tribunais judiciais ou de entidade administrativa independente, nos termos da lei.
4. A todas as pessoas, singulares ou colectivas, é assegurado, em condições de igualdade e eficácia, o direito de resposta e de rectificação, bem como o direito a indemnização pelos danos sofridos.