Headphones and other gear

What follows is a list of gear I listen daily.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 (250 Ohms): The 880s are my reference headphones to relax to the music and drink Port wine.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro: The 990 Pro are my fun headphones, I use these cans mostly for music, gaming and when I’m writing on my laptop.

Knowledge Zenith (KZ) ZS6 or Senfer XBA 6in1: My daily commute IEMs, cheap and fun.

Lake People G103-S: The reference amplifier I use to drive my 880s. Might be cheap by today standards but drives the Beyerdynamics like no other.

Creative Labs E5: A great portable DAC that I use to drive my 990s. Sadly its very underrated by the community, because it’s not made by a audiophile niche brand.

Topping NX1s: I often use this portable amplifier with my DAP, it can drive most headphones up to 300 Ohms, so it’s a nice way to test new gear on the go without the limitations of the Walkman.

ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS: Yes, I totally use the internal audio amplifier of my desktop computer and I’m not afraid to admit it. Deal with it! 😛

Sony Walkman NW-A45: The impressive entry level Player/DAC from Sony that I use for all my portable Hi-Fi needs.

Swissonic CDMP 1 V2.0 CD Player: A solid CD player.

Last updated on 07 May 2018