My Gear

Current setup chains (05/2021)

Home setup (Desktop computer) – DeaDBeeF music player (FLAC files) ► Creative Labs E5 portable DAC/headphone amplifier (USB Connection) ► Beyerdynamic DT880 / Grado SR80i headphones or Yincrow X6 earbuds.

Home setup (Reference) – Sony A45 Walkman (FLAC files / Line out connection) ► Lake People G103-S headphone amplifier ► Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones or Etymotic ER4XR earphones

Commute setups – Sony A45 Walkman / Realme 6 smartphone (Spotify/Youtube) ► Sony MH755 (mmcx mod) / Venture Electronics Bonus IE (BIE) / Etymotic ER4XR earphones.

Why I picked the gear above.

Sony A45 walkman – Good amplification section for the price, reads high resolution files, SD card expansion, small enough to take anywhere, can be used as a DAC.

Realme 6 smartphone – One of the best mid tier smartphones of 2020, with a respectable audio output.

Lake People G103-S headphone amplifier – German quality, neutral sound, built like a tank.

Creative Labs E5 portable DAC/headphone amplifier – Another underrated equipment, can easily drive 250Ω Beyerdynamic headphones or high sensible IEMS, also works fine with Linux which was something I required.

Beyerdynamic DT880 (250Ω) – The Volkswagen of headphones, scales well with good amps, sounds fantastic for the price and it’s super comfortable.

Grado SR80i – A great sounding headphone across most genres of music, specially amazing with hard n’ heavy.

Etymotic ER2XR – The earphones reference no one talk about, the baby ER4 minus the price tag.

Etymotic ER4XR – One of the earphones references for diffuse field neutral.

Sony MH755 (mmcx mod) – A unicorn among cheap earphones, so good people spend time and money modding them. Great with all types of music.

Venture Electronics Bonus IE (BIE) – Great sound for the price, when I don’t want to worry about rain entering the mmcx connectors of my other earphones I just use these instead.

24 Jan 2021 – Added the Etymotic ER4XR and made some chain adjustments.