Other Enthusiasts

I enjoy reading the projects below but I don’t always agree to their opinions and reviews, so give them a visit and make your own mind. Visit at your own risk!
Innerfidelity is not in this list because the new editor sucks, I miss the old editor and advise anyone new to headphones to read his articles but keep clear of anything written after 12 of May 2018.
Head-Fi is not in this list because I don’t like the site owner.

Hyp0xia29: I enjoy reading Hyp0xia’s blog mostly because of the no bullshit approach about life, computers and headphones.

AudioBudget: Igor Eisberg’s solo project, he reviews lots of amazing budget earphones. His 5 star picks are often amazing.

Archimago’s Musings: Archimago’s blog is a treasure for the objective audiophile.

NwAvGuy: NwAvGuy is the now legendary MIA mysterious creator of a the O2 Headphone Amp. His site is full of good technical information.

Mind The Headphone: Leonardo Drummond’s is a Brazilian audiophile I respect and follow with close attention, worth a reading if you know Portuguese. Leo as we affectionately call him is THE reference for anything headphone related in Brazil and to an extent Portugal.

The Naked Audiophile: The project of a dear audiophile friend of mine.

HIFI Sound Enthusiast: Jason’s blog, now I don’t always agree with him but I do love reading his blog.

Theslowdiyer: Electronics blog I really enjoy.

The Contraptionist: Thomas aka B9Scrambler’s blog, worth a reading especially given the fact that he has a lot of great reviews under his belt.

Tim Cose – WTF Amps: Tim makes tube amps, no I’m not a fan of tubes but his electronics knowledge is pretty amazing so I really recommend a visit to his site.

Audioholikz: A badass reviewer, who really has no patience for bullshit.

– HeadWize Memorial: A project made to safekeep the legacy of Mr. Pow Chu Moy the creator of the Cmoy amplifier and the defacto grandfather of the headphone hobby as we know it today.

Meier Audio: Dr. Jan Meier has been around for a long time now, his amplifiers are top notch and he did a enormous service to the DIY community in the early days.

Tangentsoft.net: One of the few trustworthy sites besides HeadWize where you can find instructions to build the cmoy amplifier and other cool stuff.

Pete Millett’s DIY Audio: Really amazing site with cool DIY projects.

LINKWITZ LAB: The late Eng. Siegfried Linkwitz site is a must visit place if you like Hi-Fi. (Mr. Siegfried left us on September 11, 2018 at the age of 82, may he rest in peace)

SoundStage! Solo: Brent Butterworth is the Editor in Chief of this site, in my opinion one of the very few who can fill the Tyll Hertsens void for objective measurements. Ok, I don’t always agree with the man but he is a professional.

– Ana[dia]log: This Italian Youtuber is an analogue enthusiast, if you are in to tapes and vinyl you should visit his channel, note that I don’t agree with everything he says but I respect his opinion.

Tyll Hertsens
Tyll Hertsens retired on May 2018 to drive a van called Putt, he is missed. Steve Guttenberg (Audiophiliac) gave us a little update when Tyll visited RMAF.