Other Enthusiasts

I enjoy reading the projects below but I don’t always agree to their opinions and reviews, so give them a visit and make your own mind.

– Tyll Hertsens home, if you don’t know him you probably are new to the hobby.

– Igor Eisberg’s solo project, he reviews lots of amazing budget earphones. His 5 star picks are often amazing.

Archimago’s Musings
– Archimago’s blog is a treasure for the objective audiophile.

– NwAvGuy is now legendary, the creator of a the O2 Headphone Amp.

Mind The Headphone
– Leonardo Drummond’s is a Brazilian audiophile I respect and follow with close attention, worth a reading if you know Portuguese.

The Naked Audiophile
– The project of a dear audiophile friend of mine.

HIFI Sound Enthusiast
– Jason’s blog, now I don’t always agree with him but I do love reading his blog.

– Electronics blog I really enjoy.

The Contraptionist
– Thomas aka B9Scrambler’s blog, worth a reading specially given the fact that he has a lot of great reviews under his belt.

Tim Cose – WTF Amps
– Tim makes tube amps, no I’m not a fan of tubes but his electronics knowledge is pretty amazing so I really recommend a visit to his site.

– I enjoy reading Hyp0xia’s blog mostly because of the no bullshit approach about tech and audio.