Measuring in-ears the budget way.

As you probably noticed on the end of my BGVP DMG review I shared some measurements of the frequency response of the nozzle filters. As we speak I still have the doubt if I should share measurements done with amateur tools but then again because I'm an enthusiast I can't really look the other way. In... Continue Reading →

Why I enjoy having a low profile.

Just the other day, someone asked me why I didn't write about my blog on other communities. First, it's bad etiquette to push your own stuff in the house of others. Second, I rather enjoy having a low profile on this hobby. Having a low profile means I can still have fun while doing reviews... Continue Reading →

Improving the blog.

Finally had some time to update my blog, mostly trying to comply with the new European Union's privacy laws, the disclaimer is now better and more visible across the blog. I removed the obligation of having to insert an email address on both the contact page and commentary section. It will give me more work with... Continue Reading →

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