Ready Player One Rocks!

One of the many covers of Ready Player One.

Since my kids were born my life changed a lot. I’m sure all parents say those words sooner or later, because being a parent changes a lot of things in the way we organize our life.
In my case I lost track of at least 6 years of various fandoms, this is not a joke.
Besides the typical blockbuster movies, series or very famous books I lost some pearls or in this case a true diamond.

Ready Player One is a novel that touches a lot of my favorite things and fandoms. It also portraits online friendships in a way which I totally understand.
It’s an ode to the 80’s and a great one at that, it also doesn’t sugarcoat some old and new problems of our society.
I can’t write more or I’ll spoil it and believe me, I don’t want to do that.

I devoured the US version in two days and I truly wish it was bigger, luckily there are rumors of a second book in the works. Plus a movie will be out next year, so in a way I’m happy I was living under a rock and only knew about Ready Player One some weeks ago.
To redeem myself I already ordered the US version of Armada another book from Ernest Cline.
Curious fact, the Ready Player Two and Ready Player Three web domains are reserved…just saying. ūüôā
Fun fact, Andy Weir the author of the novel The Martian wrote a short story called Lacero which is now canon in the universe of Ready Player One and was published in the 2016 edition of the book. \m/