Audio Enthusiasts – The Walkman Archive.

I interviewed Hugo the writer of "The Walkman Archive" and one of the administrators of the forum "Stereo2Go" a year ago. Hugo lives in Barcelona, Spain and is a very dedicated Walkman collector and analogue enthusiast. The Walkman Archive is a site I recommend wholeheartedly if you enjoy vintage portable gear.This interview was made in … Continue reading Audio Enthusiasts – The Walkman Archive.

The headphone endgame is a lie.

end·​game | \ ˈen(d)-ˌgām \Definition of endgame: the stage of a chess game after major reduction of forcesalso: the final stage of some action or processSource: There was a time I naively considered my headphone endgame to be the Beyerdynamic DT-880 and to be very sincere, if not a bit romantic, these venerable cans … Continue reading The headphone endgame is a lie.

What changed since I started writing about Hi-Fi?

It was early 2013 when I first started writing on this blog, back then I despised audiophiles who spent hundreds in so called audiophile improvements. Most of those improvements aka tweaks were subjective and from my point of view probably snake oil. In my mind those audiophiles raised the price of gear, because audiophile companies … Continue reading What changed since I started writing about Hi-Fi?