Audio Enthusiasts – Hyp0xia29.

Hyp0xia29 is someone I respect a lot even without personally knowing him. His impressive knowledge on headphones is something all enthusiasts should strive to achieve and his headphone collection is second to none. For a subjective headphone enthusiast he can be rather objective on his reviews. As audiophiles go he's the real deal and I... Continue Reading →

Audio Enthusiasts – ana(dia)log.

I first found ana(dia)log via The Walkman Archive blog, even if sometimes I don't agree with this Italian gentleman I felt the need to reach out to him privately and interview him. We both share a deep love for music and in that we agree in most things. I'm without a doubt someone who enjoys the digital... Continue Reading →

Interviews to Audio Enthusiasts.

I’m gonna start interviewing some audio enthusiasts that I find around the net, mostly on tumblr. The concept was inspired on MyLinuxRig by Steven Ovadia. (Thanks Steven) I can’t promise I’ll do weekly updates but lets enjoy the ride.If by any chance you want to get interviewed get in touch with me via this tumblr or via Twitter even if you love... Continue Reading →

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