Superlux – HD381F Mini Review.

I bought the Superlux HDF381F for 13€ on Gearbest. I’ll try my best to give an honest opinion about the gear. Introduction Superlux is known for making professional audio equipment on the cheap, they have several acclaimed models inspired by famous mainstream headphones like Beyerdynamic, AKG or Sennheiser. The HD381F is no different, being compared … Continue reading Superlux – HD381F Mini Review.

Fiio – uBTR Bluetooth Receiver Review.

The Fiio μBTR aka uBTR was purchased by yours truly for about 29€ without any kind of discounts on the Fiio Aliexpress official store. Fiio has many official distributors but I prefer to buy directly from the source. Introduction The Fiio uBTR (I'll drop the "μ" because no one writes it anyway)  is a small Bluetooth … Continue reading Fiio – uBTR Bluetooth Receiver Review.

My rules to review free or discounted samples of gear.

In the past, I complained about people making blogs just to receive free samples from audiophile stores. Well, enthusiasts like yours truly are also approached by stores and if some reviewing rules are meet it's possible for me to review gear without the monetary bias. I will be fair and admit some politeness will always … Continue reading My rules to review free or discounted samples of gear.