Adjusting my lifestyle.

A visit to the doctor. I'm fat, to put it bluntly, I'm obese and I was always like this since I was a little kid. I blame it mainly on myself, my life choices, my old civil construction job and to a lack of diet education, because yes, one should learn how to navigate around... Continue Reading →

Going forward.

So it's that time again, and some people are already busy doing typical new-year promises and future goals lists. I'm no different, but I avoid promises I can't keep and my goals are rather simple when compared with most of the population. As life goes on, I just want to enjoy a growing relationship with... Continue Reading →

Online piracy, anime, and music.

I already wrote about online piracy in 2013, 2014 and also more or less in 2016, it's a subject I can't really discuss freely because I'm not anonymous, even so, I can share some point of views related to file sharing.The other articles are now dated but for the most part, you should read them if... Continue Reading →

Updating presets on a Korg A3.

This all started when the brother-in-law of my wife asked me to buy a cheap generic USB to MIDI cable so he could update the presets of a Korg A3 performance signal processor. The A3 is mostly known for the iconic "U2 - Mysterious Ways" guitar effect and is now a processor some guitarists want to... Continue Reading →

Why I enjoy having a low profile.

Just the other day, someone asked me why I didn't write about my blog on other communities. First, it's bad etiquette to push your own stuff in the house of others. Second, I rather enjoy having a low profile on this hobby. Having a low profile means I can still have fun while doing reviews... Continue Reading →

Why I’m leaving audiophile communities.

This is a follow-up Audiophiles please be nice online. Audiophile communities are an amazing way to learn about new gear, new mods and also meet some cool people who enjoy the hobby. Sadly those same harbors of knowledge can be really negative, some members ruin the fun for everyone, be it with constant entitled nagging... Continue Reading →

Audiophiles please be nice online.

I should say that in the past I was very aggressive towards some of the bullshit in the audiophile hobby, these days I'm less inclined to attack fellow audiophiles. It's also no secret I can be very blunt if someone tries to shove pseudoscience up my ass, seriously don't even try it. With that out... Continue Reading →

The challenge of going lightweight.

I love backpacks, messenger bags, and bags in general. I admit that as a prepper I have a thing for bags, it comes with the territory. Before I got sick, I was using a Decathlon Tribord watertight backpack, for harsh Winters it's by far the best backpack I ever had. Sure it's not so nice... Continue Reading →

Tales of lack of breath.

I started this last April with a mighty flu, which left behind a massive problem for my lungs. You see I'm not yet 40 thus in my mind I still think I'll get better on my own without going to a doctor. Big mistake and I paid for it big time! After more than a week... Continue Reading →

HeadWize Memorial.

After I wrote my "Why I don't like Head-Fi" rant I went down memory lane and visited some HeadWize articles, by chance I also learned that anyone who buys the domain can request the deletion of HeadWize to the WaybackMachine! That's a scary idea and I know some people who would love to erase history as... Continue Reading →

Living with a wood stove.

Before Christmas, we bought a Barmat "Torre" wood stove because my house doesn't have central heating and during the winter we had to use electric oil heaters. My old house is cold and the "use more clothes" bullshit doesn't really work when you have 3 kids playing and running around, so we decided that burning wood... Continue Reading →

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