Discord Community


I made a private low-profile server so enthusiasts of all ages can have a friendly space to talk about music, headphones and other related audio gear.

  • New members need to wait 10 minutes to write due to moderation settings.
  • Discord phone verification is active for all new members. (Sorry, but it’s a necessary step for the security of the server)
  • Don’t post the invite link to the server in a public place.


  • Write only in English.
  • Please be respectful and mature at all times.
  • Gear shaming is not allowed.
  • Don’t be a “dick”.
  • Use spoiler tags to hide spoilers.
  • Don’t post NSFW content outside NSFW channels.

Link + Page Password

  1. Copy this password: Excalibur@2020
  2. Click this link to access a password-protected page.
  3. Insert the password when it’s requested by the page.
  4. Use the server invite link to access the community, again remember that you need to wait 10 minutes and a verified Discord account.