I enjoy writing about Hi-Fi, here are my best rants about it.

– Audiophiles please be nice online.
– Innerfidelity after Tyll Hertsens.
Why I don’t like Head-Fi.
– The need for measurements by enthusiasts.

– Why you might not need a better headphone amplifier.
– The audiophile cult of High-End.
– Audiophile reviewers and disclosure.
– China, the new audiophile superpower.
A glimpse in to the history of Beyerdynamic headphones.
The Portuguese headphone scene.

– The hero of DIY audio, Pow Chu Moy.
– Audiophiles and status.

– Portable audio quality since the 80s.
– Hi-Fi, Roy Khan & Kamelot.
– Are High-End audio buyers silly?
– Audiophiles and the need to be.

– Affordability and reviewers.
– Audiophile BS reloaded…on why I rant so much about it.
– I really don’t like the word audiophile.

– My audio team & why I bash some audiofool claims.
– The right to a free musical culture in poor economies.
Ultra-expensive gear and normal wage.
– The lust for upgrading tech gadgets.
– Portable music during my teenager years, the 90s.
– To be or not to be an Audiophile!
The audio snake oil for fools.