Other Enthusiasts

I enjoy reading the projects below but I don’t always agree to their opinions and reviews, so give them a visit and make your own mind. Visit at your own risk!
Innerfidelity is not on this list because the new editor sucks, I miss the old editor and advise anyone new to headphones to read his articles but keep clear of anything written after 12 of May 2018.
Head-Fi.org is not in this list because I dislike the site owner and think most of the site is built to fuel the upgrade hype.

Reviewers & Enthusiasts

Hyp0xia29: I enjoy reading Hyp0xia’s blog mostly because of the no bullshit approach about life, computers and headphones.
Read more on this interview.

Bert Reviews [Youtube]: This channel was recommended by Hyp0xia29, at first I found it a bit strange and it rated high on my “WTF is going on here list”, then I started watching the videos and “Bert” really knows his headphones. It’s one of those hidden pearls on YouTube, please watch it without preconceived ideas.

AudioBudget: Igor Eisberg’s solo project, he reviews lots of amazing budget earphones. His 5 star picks are often amazing.

World Bolding: Alex Rowe is a great headphone reviewer, he also writes about other stuff on his medium blog.
Read more on this interview.

Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews aka Audioholikz [Youtube]: A badass reviewer, who really has no patience for bullshit.

metal571 [Youtube]: I enjoy the videos of this gentleman, he’s also a really nice enthusiast who helps a lot of people in Youtube and Twitter.

The Naked Audiophile: The project of a dear audiophile friend of mine.

HIFI Sound Enthusiast: Jason’s blog, now I don’t always agree with him but I do love reading his blog.

The Contraptionist: Thomas Smallman aka B9Scrambler’s blog, worth a reading especially given the fact that he has a lot of great reviews under his belt.

Mind The Headphone [Youtube – Portuguese]: Leonardo Drummond’s is a Brazilian audiophile I respect and follow with close attention, worth a reading if you know Portuguese. Leo as we affectionately call him is THE reference for anything headphone related in Brazil and to an extent Portugal.

Ana[dia]log [Youtube]: This Italian Youtuber is an analogue enthusiast, if you are in to tapes and vinyl you should visit his channel, note that I don’t agree with everything he says but I respect his opinion.
Read more on this interview.

Archimago’s Musings: Archimago’s blog is a treasure for the objective audiophile.

Resources & Professionals

NwAvGuy: NwAvGuy is the now legendary MIA mysterious creator of a the O2 Headphone Amp. His site is full of good technical information.

LINKWITZ LAB: The late Eng. Siegfried Linkwitz site is a must visit place if you like Hi-Fi. (Mr. Siegfried left us on September 11, 2018 at the age of 82, may he rest in peace)

Tim Cose – WTF Amps: Tim makes tube amps, no I’m not a fan of tubes but his electronics knowledge is pretty amazing so I really recommend a visit to his site.

Theslowdiyer: Electronics blog I really enjoy.

HeadWize Memorial: A project made to safe-keep the legacy of Mr. Pow Chu Moy the creator of the Cmoy amplifier and the defacto grandfather of the headphone hobby as we know it today.

Tangentsoft.net: One of the few trustworthy sites besides HeadWize where you can find instructions to build the cmoy amplifier and other cool stuff.

Pete Millett’s DIY Audio: Really amazing site with cool DIY projects.

Meier Audio: Dr. Jan Meier has been around for a long time now, his amplifiers are top notch and he did a enormous service to the DIY community in the early days.

SoundStage! Solo: Brent Butterworth is the Editor in Chief of this site, in my opinion one of the very few who can fill the Tyll Hertsens void for objective measurements. Ok, I don’t always agree with the man but he is a professional.

Crinacle’s IEM ranking list: One of the best lists on Head-Fi.org made by the same user who does one of the most comprehensive IEM frequency response measurement databases of the hobby. A great resource for new and old users on the hobby.

Tyll Hertsens

Tyll Hertsens retired on May 2018 to drive a van called Putt, he is missed. 
Steve Guttenberg (Audiophiliac) gave us a little update when Tyll visited RMAF.

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