Image: What does Burr-Brown, JRC and Grado have in common? The Grado RA1 headphone amplifier, beautiful enclosure and sound until someone discovered that it uses a JRC 4556 opamp in a circuit similar with the popular Cmoy. Fanboys went nuts…an expensive headphone amplifier that uses a cheap opamp!? No way! We shall upgrade it to... Continue Reading →

The 90s cult!

In 1996 I was half my age and things were a bit different. Didn’t had internet or a computer; my Walkman was my life; still had hair; didn’t had a cellphone and I was shy, so very shy. No I don’t want to go back to the 90s even if they were special to me,... Continue Reading →

The dangers of DIY.

After working a decade in civil construction I have a pretty idea that shit happens to all of us specially if we are makers of things. My typical advice is to use protection gear and always but always think about safety first! In fact most DIY sites remember that all the time, but people forget about it... Continue Reading →

My very small corner for small DIY works, mostly audio electronics related stuff. The picture is self explanatory, I love the little pink spoon on the block…my little daughter strikes again! XD I love being a parent!

Made this today, it’s a Headphone Dummy Load to help me debug some amplifier projects, don’t want to test new amps with expensive headphones so this will do. Audio jack connected to a DPDT Switch with two resistor settings of 33 Ohms and 330 Ohms, my version is made with four 10W resistors with a 5%... Continue Reading →

Piracy and middle ground for fans.

Lets face it, if you use the internet sooner or later you’ll download or stream something copyrighted. Does it make you a pirate? You bet it does and there is no middle ground in the music labels business, if you hear it without paying you are a nasty pirate, so say arrgg mate and welcome... Continue Reading →

Audiophile candy boxes.

A candy box should protect and advertise in a good way the candies inside, just like any good audiophile gear does the same in hope that what’s inside should feel as pretty as the outside is. Not always true but people love candy boxes and some even collect them without the candies! The same is... Continue Reading →

The Super HD MK.IV bullshit name. Rev2.0

When I was a kid I really enjoyed all those fancy tech names on military jetplanes. I think most kids are like that and also many DIYers. I’ll not give exact examples but there is a certain DIYer that makes amplifier boards that really loves this type of names. It’s really funny but a true headache for other DIYers that want... Continue Reading →

Do you need quality tools for DIY?

The short answer is yes you need quality tools, because cheap ones can be dangerous for you. Examples of cheap dangerous tools: Powertools can catch fire or hurt because of their high RPM. Bad electric isolation on hand tools can also send you to the graveyard if you cut the wrong live wire. Any hand tool... Continue Reading →

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