Do you need quality tools for DIY?

The short answer is yes you need quality tools, because cheap ones can be dangerous for you. Examples of cheap dangerous tools: Powertools can catch fire or hurt because of their high RPM. Bad electric isolation on hand tools can also send you to the graveyard if you cut the wrong live wire. Any hand tool... Continue Reading →

Tools, price and DIY.

So I was searching for a cutting mat and got a nasty overpriced surprise, 35€ for a mat! These shops owners are crazy, who in his right mind pays so much for a board to cut things on? Answer…Scrap bookers, yep they actually pay for it! All other cheap ass DIYers like me, actually make... Continue Reading →

The failure of digital radio in Portugal.

Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB started transmitting on my country in August of 1998 during the World Expo98, millions were spent on a broadcasting network that was built to be a failure like so many future projects of my country. What was the official reason for the failure, even with more than half country covered by... Continue Reading →

Ultra-expensive gear and normal wage.

I live in Portugal, a country in the economic tail of Europe, my monthly pay is about 750€ after all discounts, it’s not bad if you think about the minimum wage they pay here. That brings me to the fact that most consumer audio websites and magazines make me uncomfortable with my bank account. Maybe... Continue Reading →

The CD bashing and vinyl fanboys.

Audio CDs are old digital technology, in fact more than 30 years have passed since the first CD players hit the market. Most audiophiles live by the vinyl analog motto; “digital sucks la la la”. Digital did suck, audio mastering methods of the first audio CDs were based in vinyl and most audio engineers didn't know how to work with the new digital medium. Join... Continue Reading →

Pro reviewers and biased articles.

I’m an amateur writer but I always try to be professional when writing an article. This means I need to have a no bias approach about the person or product I writing about. I don’t like the fan-boy attitude of some online magazine editors that bow down to the brands they review just because they use their products in reference systems or those... Continue Reading →

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