Building my passive audio router.

Yea, I’m actually building something for a change…Yeeeaaaa for me! Got tired of Y adaptors so I started building a passive stereo signal router. Easy concept, computer audio goes in, I select one of 3 independent positions, stereo signal goes out to one of them. Passive but it still needs power because I want the... Continue Reading →

About those Grado SR80s.

This isn’t really a review just a biased opinion! I like the Grados, they look retro enough but not too much. They are built in US by people who actually get a decent wage for their work and I feel warm and happy just because of that. Grados have so much story in them you... Continue Reading →

The enclosure problem.

I have a problem…I collect boxes! XD I have lots of little black plastic boxes for projects and also some really expensive aluminium ones. I shit you not one of these days I’ll take a picture! I’m always searching for new beautiful boxes and I hate it so much because most of them suck! A nice... Continue Reading →

Image: What does Burr-Brown, JRC and Grado have in common? The Grado RA1 headphone amplifier, beautiful enclosure and sound until someone discovered that it uses a JRC 4556 opamp in a circuit similar with the popular Cmoy. Fanboys went nuts…an expensive headphone amplifier that uses a cheap opamp!? No way! We shall upgrade it to... Continue Reading →

The 90s cult!

In 1996 I was half my age and things were a bit different. Didn’t had internet or a computer; my Walkman was my life; still had hair; didn’t had a cellphone and I was shy, so very shy. No I don’t want to go back to the 90s even if they were special to me,... Continue Reading →

The dangers of DIY.

After working a decade in civil construction I have a pretty idea that shit happens to all of us specially if we are makers of things. My typical advice is to use protection gear and always but always think about safety first! In fact most DIY sites remember that all the time, but people forget about it... Continue Reading →

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