Don’t force Ubuntu on people.

I love Ubuntu, all my computers run it and its a true pleasure to help people installing it on their PCs but I never force it on them.
Ubuntu is a great OS but not compatible with all computers, I often think old computers run better with it thus I try to demo it for friends and family.
Showing a OS we enjoy can be fun, but we should always explain the bad sides of using a GNU/Linux based OS. Specially the hardware compatibility side of things.

Windows systems are everywhere and most people will be happy with them, sadly these days I can only help my friends with basic stuff on Win mostly because my knowledge about it came to an halt in it’s 7 incarnation.
I got tired of fighting virus, malware, bad configured systems, stupid quirks in Windows Update and other stupid shit that gave me way to much headaches.

Ubuntu is not perfect and does have it’s bad sides but if you need something just to access the internet and do daily stuff it’s an amazing OS.
I think it’s sad that I can’t buy a computer preloaded with it on a Portuguese big store, more sad is the fact that if you remove Windows your Warranty goes kaput from at I’m told at all big stores.
In Portugal you can buy a computer without OS on a street store and the fact it doesn’t bring Windows gives you a discount of 120€ . Yea thats the Microsoft tax at work.
Kudos for DELL and Lenovo for selling Ubuntu preloaded laptops but sadly they don’t sell them in Portugal.
All of this to say, it’s almost impossible to show Ubuntu on a new computer under warranty. You can remove the HDD and keep it 2 years but you are paying for a HDD and a Win10 license you wont use and that’s a lot of money.
Right now only internet stores and street stores can help me, if I need a computer without Win OS preloaded in it.

I don’t force Ubuntu on people but sadly companies force Microsoft Windows on me and I can’t do anything about it besides writing this rant online.

Happiness requires changes.

Some people view happiness as a temporary thing usually in the past, or as a goal to achieve in the future, but the truly happy live in the present.

I’m a happy person most of the time, I don’t live in wonderland thus I also have my less happy moments but from those I often try to learn new ways of overcoming problems in my life and the life of others.

Being a father also gave me more empathy for other human beings, life can be hard around the world with famine, wars, civil unrest, diseases and other fucked up problems of this earth. Knowing kids die everyday hurts me more than I often admit and also enrages me because I can do very few to help families across the globe. As my kids sleep safely I know somewhere a child dies from something awful. Few words can express what someone who loves their kids feel when empathy kicks in watching how torn this world can be.

So how can I say I’m happy with such state of things?

The answer is elusive at best, I’m happy for my life but at the same time I know the world can be a sad and brutal place to be, but feeling sad for others shouldn’t make me cross my arms and give up on happiness.

People who are happy should truly fight for a better world and that requires some changes of mind.

The “War only happens in other countries” , “That disease only happens in poor countries” , “I never had a earthquake around here” and other bullshit mentality really needs to stop in this connected world of yours, never we were so connected to virtual friends but so apart from our neighbours.  

The study of other cultures and religions should be taught from early age at schools, sadly some still think teaching about one religion is the best way to spread peace. If that was the case I’m sure by now religious wars would be gone.

Happiness does require a mindset change from the anonymous citizen to the ephemeral personalities of the music, cinema and television. Unless there’s some kind of pressure to do good, evil will always prevail when good people cross their arms and hope for the best.

With all of that said, I have my own way of being happy, caring for my children, loved one and enjoying music, movies and other art forms makes me a happy person.

I often say I don’t need much to be happy and in a way that’s true, going to the other side of the world for a visit might be something I want to achieve before I kick the bucket but not achieving it won’t make me bitter or resentful at the world.

Some can’t travel very far from their birthplace but are still fulfilled, others travel the seven seas and still search for something they miss deep down.

We live in a age of wonders, I can watch a live feed of something in Japan and at the same time talk with friends in the US and Europe. Some people still fight that global connection, they use politics, religion and other bullshit to elevate or maintain their status and power over the world. In a way it’s important to maintain our cultural heritage and never forget the past be it peaceful or brutal, but if this global community really wants to be happy it needs to open their mind to other lifestyles and the happiness of others around the world.

Happiness might require some changes after all, specially inside your brain.

The kitchen midnight blues. 

Kicked from the desktop yet again, I’m glad to have on this PC the exact type of keyboard and mouse my desktop has but I really need a new working place.
The Creative labs E1 doing some DAC work and pushing the Beyerdynamic DT880s to decent levels.
Tomorrow is gonna be a really long day, better do my stuff now.
I spent most of my week doing some updates on my twitter account, because of that I found new artists and nice music related stuff.
The tablet has a reason to be there, I need it to unlock some sites I use.
Hope everything is fine around tumblr, new stuff soon.