These are the things I want to write about in the future. You better pull a chair because this might take years, just saying.

Short opinions on:
– AKG Y20 (IEM)
– Superlux HD381F (IEM)
– Sennheiser MX375 (Earbud)
– Fonge FG002 (IEM)
– Swing IE800 (IEM)
– Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid (IEM)
– Xiaomi Piston “Fresh edition” (IEM)
– Xiaomi Pro HD (IEM)
– BGVP SGZ-DN1 / Bro Version (IEM)
– Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Plus (Earbud)
– Headroom MS16 (Earbud)
– Sony Walkman NW-A45 (DAP)
– Topping NX1s (Portable Headphone Amplifier)
– Creative Labs E1 (Portable Headphone Amplifer/DAC)
– Creative Labs E5 (Portable Headphone Amplifer/DAC)
– M-Audio Bass Traveler (Portable Headphone Amplifier)
– ART HeadAMP 4 (Headphone Amplifier)
– Lake people G103-S (Headphone Amplifier)

Last updated on 07 May 2018