The audiophile cult of High-End.

I love music and like most audiophiles adore new shinny toys, be it new or vintage. Sadly these days I'm getting a bit tired of most audiophile gear related magazines, sites and blogs, and it all started when I bought yet another magazine. I picked up the 4€ monthly volume skimmed a bit and found... Continue Reading →

About ads & audio magazines.

I believe ads are a necessary evil in this consumer oriented world, good ads sell stuff and that’s a good thing for companies that need to make some money, the main problem is when ads are full of bullshit, and it does happen a lot in the audiophile world but not so much in the... Continue Reading →

Audiophile candy boxes.

A candy box should protect and advertise in a good way the candies inside, just like any good audiophile gear does the same in hope that what’s inside should feel as pretty as the outside is. Not always true but people love candy boxes and some even collect them without the candies! The same is... Continue Reading →

Pro reviewers and biased articles.

I’m an amateur writer but I always try to be professional when writing an article. This means I need to have a no bias approach about the person or product I writing about. I don’t like the fan-boy attitude of some online magazine editors that bow down to the brands they review just because they use their products in reference systems or those... Continue Reading →

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