My blogging goals.

When I first started my blog my main idea was to improve my written English and also share some of my opinions, but since then my blogging goals changed a bit. So now I'll write about the current state of the blog and also some things to come. One of the most visited pages on... Continue Reading →

My opinion on the MQA codec.

My short opinion about the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) codec. Be warned I don't like it one bit. (pun intended) To keep it short, MQA it's just another way to push a proprietary closed source codec upon audio enthusiasts and making cash along the way. If this codec becomes mainstream it will result in a... Continue Reading →

Communities and sellers.

One of these days I was visiting a Brazilian headphone community at Facebook when someone asked if his motherboard was compatible with a pair of headphones and if he needed a external DAC. Now, this is normal on that community thus I went and read some of the replies until my eyes gazed at so... Continue Reading →

The hero of DIY audio, Pow Chu Moy.

It came to my attention that Pow Chu Moy the man behind Head-Wize and the Cmoy headphone amplifier passed away in Reno Nevada (US)  on February 12, 2016. Kevin Gilmore was the bearer of the sad news in the headphone community Head-Fi. I never had the pleasure of talking with Chu Moy, mostly because his... Continue Reading →

Beyerdynamic DT-880.

I feel naked without my glasses but I wanted a new casual social network photo so I took a selfie with my Beyerdynamic DT-880 (250Ω version) maybe this way I actually look like an audiophile. XD Now serious, these headphones are pretty amazing and I’m only using a ART HeadAmp4 on my desktop rig. I’m... Continue Reading →

Portable audio quality since the 80s.

Gear centered audiophiles rave about portable audio players all the time, most follow reviews sites in the quest for the audio quality grail. Often young enthusiasts search for audio quality like its some elusive thing that only the newest most expensive players will deliver, but sound quality is not a new thing. In-fact brands marketed portable... Continue Reading →

Smartphone audio, downgrade to upgrade.

BQ E4 Aquaris running Neutron Music Player, Erutan is pretty amazing so go buy her music! Until recently I had a Sony Playstation Portable as a music player, the PSP Slim has a Wolfson Microelectronics chip inside, so it had a decent audio section to read my lossy music files. I was mostly happy with the... Continue Reading →

Audiophile objectivity & online harassment.

I’m usually all in favor of scientific testing made by professionals and will often joke about subjective testing of gear and interconnects, I’m known for using the bullshit word very often when writing about audiophile cables, but I don’t attack reviewers personally via the comment section of forums or blogs because I think its a... Continue Reading →

About audiophile cables…again.

Helmuthsposts in a way I agree these kind of tests are stupid, mostly because they are done to discredit and make fun of all audiophiles. (Well, in this test at least the journalist was careful to point that some audiophiles do not share the opinion that audiophile network cables change the sound) In fact besides guitar... Continue Reading →

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