Is Mini-Disc still worth it on the go?

Mini-Disc was technical but proprietary marvel from Sony, sadly it failed to gain traction in the US, with moderate sales in Europe and some success in Japan. Right now I'm writing an article about Mini-Disc which made me think if this format is still worth it for music enthusiasts, anyway if you don't mind reading... Continue Reading →

The joy of saving for better gear.

I was for the most part someone who disliked waiting for things, I wanted everything right away and I'm more or less still like that, with some exceptions. I learned that there are things you should wait and save enough money to buy, headphones and digital audio players belong to that group of things you... Continue Reading →

Audio Enthusiasts – Hyp0xia29.

Hyp0xia29 is someone I respect a lot even without personally knowing him. His impressive knowledge on headphones is something all enthusiasts should strive to achieve and his headphone collection is second to none. For a subjective headphone enthusiast he can be rather objective on his reviews. As audiophiles go he's the real deal and I... Continue Reading →

Audio Enthusiasts – ana(dia)log.

I first found ana(dia)log via The Walkman Archive blog, even if sometimes I don't agree with this Italian gentleman I felt the need to reach out to him privately and interview him. We both share a deep love for music and in that we agree in most things. I'm without a doubt someone who enjoys the digital... Continue Reading →

KZ – AS10 Review.

The KZ AS10 was sent free of charge by Lillian the co-founder of Linsoul. I'll try my best to give an impartial opinion about the gear*. Below I share the links to the store which provided the samples I'll be reviewing, keep in mind that without the cooperation of this store I would probably not review this gear.... Continue Reading →

Why I’m leaving audiophile communities.

This is a follow-up Audiophiles please be nice online. Audiophile communities are an amazing way to learn about new gear, new mods and also meet some cool people who enjoy the hobby. Sadly those same harbors of knowledge can be really negative, some members ruin the fun for everyone, be it with constant entitled nagging... Continue Reading →

Audiophiles please be nice online.

I should say that in the past I was very aggressive towards some of the bullshit in the audiophile hobby, these days I'm less inclined to attack fellow audiophiles. It's also no secret I can be very blunt if someone tries to shove pseudoscience up my ass, seriously don't even try it. With that out... Continue Reading →

Innerfidelity after Tyll Hertsens.

So Tyll retired to travel the world in his van Putt, hope he's having fun and also hope he shares that fun with his old readers. After all, some of us enjoy other things besides Headphones. Anyway, the new editor behind Innerfidelity is the reason I'm writing this entry, you see Mr. Rafe Arnott is... Continue Reading →

Senfer XBA 6in1 Review.

I must admit I was charmed by the KZ ZS6 when I started using the Senfer XBA 6in1, the ZS6 has deep bass and aggressive highs, all that I love in a good earphone. Yes, it's no surprise by now you should know I like treble cannons. Then the XBAs arrived on a little yellow... Continue Reading →

On Audio Cables

As usual Hyp0xia as a no bullshit approach to a controversial aspect of the audiophile hobby, I subscribe all that he wrote on his article.
I build some of my cables but for all the rest his advice should suffice.


Stereotypes exist because they’re true for a substantial proportion of the group about whom they are generalizing. The stereotype about audiophiles is that they’re people who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on cables because they delude themselves into believing they hear a difference. The word audiophile is so polluted with stereotypes that I prefer not to identify as one. There are, of course, plenty of audio enthusiasts who don’t subscribe to that nonsense. I, for one, have never claimed to hear a difference between cables, but I still care about cables as I care about any aspect of my signal flow.

I won’t just buy the cheapest cable I can find. I want my cables to demonstrate a solid build quality. They need to be aesthetically pleasing, too. Ultimately, it all boils down to bang for your buck. I have always been a bang-for-your-buck guy, even when I…

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My blogging goals.

When I first started my blog my main idea was to improve my written English and also share some of my opinions, but since then my blogging goals changed a bit. So now I'll write about the current state of the blog and also some things to come. One of the most visited pages on... Continue Reading →

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