Fiio – uBTR Bluetooth Receiver Review.

The Fiio μBTR aka uBTR was purchased by yours truly for about 29€ without any kind of discounts on the Fiio Aliexpress official store. Fiio has many official distributors but I prefer to buy directly from the source. Introduction The Fiio uBTR (I'll drop the "μ" because no one writes it anyway)  is a small Bluetooth... Continue Reading →

The KZ Wireless module sound quality.

I didn't want to buy the official "wireless upgrade module" which KZ sells for their ZS5/6 and other compatible IEMs (There I said it! ). Anyway, a LOT of people were asking about the module sound quality and without hearing one I couldn't actually help them out. I'm totally against giving advice on gear I never heard.... Continue Reading →

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