On Audio Cables

As usual Hyp0xia as a no bullshit approach to a controversial aspect of the audiophile hobby, I subscribe all that he wrote on his article.
I build some of my cables but for all the rest his advice should suffice.


Stereotypes exist because they’re true for a substantial proportion of the group about whom they are generalizing. The stereotype about audiophiles is that they’re people who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on cables because they delude themselves into believing they hear a difference. The word audiophile is so polluted with stereotypes that I prefer not to identify as one. There are, of course, plenty of audio enthusiasts who don’t subscribe to that nonsense. I, for one, have never claimed to hear a difference between cables, but I still care about cables as I care about any aspect of my signal flow.

I won’t just buy the cheapest cable I can find. I want my cables to demonstrate a solid build quality. They need to be aesthetically pleasing, too. Ultimately, it all boils down to bang for your buck. I have always been a bang-for-your-buck guy, even when I…

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Communities and sellers.

One of these days I was visiting a Brazilian headphone community at Facebook when someone asked if his motherboard was compatible with a pair of headphones and if he needed a external DAC. Now, this is normal on that community thus I went and read some of the replies until my eyes gazed at so... Continue Reading →

About audiophile cables…again.

Helmuthsposts in a way I agree these kind of tests are stupid, mostly because they are done to discredit and make fun of all audiophiles. (Well, in this test at least the journalist was careful to point that some audiophiles do not share the opinion that audiophile network cables change the sound) In fact besides guitar... Continue Reading →

About Hi-Fi cables and connectors.

Before starting this rough opinion about Hi-Fi cables and connectors, I want to get some stuff out of the way. I don’t believe in audiophile BS cabling, I know a founder of a audiophile cable company, I have a huge respect for him but I don’t believe in the claims about his cables. I do... Continue Reading →

Audiophile digital cables.

They improve the 1s & 0s of your music stream, oh! wait its only raw digital data! XD I know they improve the jitter! They also improve the other BS on your system! Let face it, audiophile cables are pretty and look nice on a setup. I feel sad that some people actually believe so much BS about... Continue Reading →

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