Audio Enthusiasts – Miro from 16 Labs.

Miro is a valuable member of my Discord server and also really into electronics. One of the joys of this hobby is the fact we have people from all walks of life with various skills and talents, which is something really important when help is required to troubleshot problems the community might have. 1. Would... Continue Reading →

About my stencil hobby.

I really need to dedicate more time to some of my "hands on" hobbies, I love stencil and lettering so these days I watch a lot of streams of painters on Twich just to have some tips and ideas how to deal with my own creative craft. When I started drawing on jackets, it was... Continue Reading →

Improving self-taught English.

First of all, I should say there isn't a silver bullet to solve all problems one must face to learn beyond basic English. Save yourself a boring reading if you are looking for that on this post. To master and learn a language is no easy task and I admit both my Portuguese and English... Continue Reading →

Audiophile power conditioners.

Giving 5oo€ for a audiophile power conditioner sounds crazy but depending on the tech inside it might actually help prolong the lifetime of your Hi-Fi gear. Yes, I actually wrote that and I'm not joking. Archimago's blog has a great objective test and review about a power conditioner from a very reputable brand called Belkin.... Continue Reading →

DIY community spaces

Yes, there are a lot of names for DIY community spaces so I’ll use my own term avoiding possible misunderstandings. Most DIY community spaces are quite amazing, at least the ones I have the chance to see online. I never actually had the time or the wish to visit the ones in Lisbon so I... Continue Reading →

Geocities and audio projects.

Before wordpress, blogspot , facebook, myspace and livejournal there was a place called Geocities, on that place one could (and still can via mirrors) find lots of audio projects. If you enjoy some nostalgia do search for mirrors of Geocities or just visit the wayback machine. These day I browse the geocities a lot. You guys/gals... Continue Reading →

So the other day I gave the raspberry a little spin…still need to test the DAC. The mark on the TFT is just a sticker btw. Stuff I learned from the 1st hands on…Cold power off will corrupt the system so any power switch should be on the back panel. One shouldn’t mess around too... Continue Reading →

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