Not Selling DIY Grado RA-1 clones.

Don’t get me wrong I love to build stuff but I draw my limit on selling
clones, one thing is to sell a Cmoy amp the other is selling a RA-1 clone
and actually using the Grado name to do it.
I know that people need to make money but stealing a layout and making
profit from it is wrong.

Some of you will say that the RA-1 is expensive and has cheap ass parts, so
it’s ok to do it.
What this kind of BS thinking brings to the table is the fact you don’t
have to pay for R&D, workers, or actually do any work besides stealing a
layout, solder some parts and put them on a enclosure, that’s it.

One thing is to build something for fun or to give to a friend the other is
selling it knowing its based on the hard work of a company.

So don’t ask if I can make and sell you a RA-1 clone, go build one or buy
one from Grado.

Some say the RA-1 is overpriced, I think the price is fair because its made
by US workers, they put a lot of work on the amp believe or not, I’m sure
those enclosures are not cheap to make.
It’s so easy to claim something is overpriced looking at the parts but what
many people forget is that there is R&D time, searching for parts, testing
the amps, teaching the workers to make a new item, paying the workers,
insurances, taxes, etc.

A DIY lover doesn’t need to worry about those things, but she/he should not
make money from commercial layouts, that’s my opinion and if you sell
clones you should be ashamed.
I’m using Grado as an example but it applies to any other design cloned
from other company.

You should be happy companies don’t actually hunt down sites that share
their layouts, but that can change if they start losing money.

About those Grado SR80s.

This isn’t really a review just a biased opinion!
I like the Grados, they look retro enough but not too much.
They are built in US by people who actually get a decent wage for their work and I feel warm and happy just because of that.
Grados have so much story in them you could write a book about them.
Even so I’m not a fanboy, The headband is just a piece of plastic even if it looks nice enough, it still feels like plastic but I’m bald so yea I can feel it a bit more!
I’m a Shure and Sennheiser owner of headphones in a smiliar price range (120€), my opinion about the sound of the Grados is that they are more open for most types of music, maybe it’s because they have open backs and the outside sounds can mix with their sound but it’s a nice blend and it feels natural and warm…yea I’m not giving opinion about Porto Wine but if I need to compare these Headphones to a wine it must be Porto! XD I’m also very biased about Porto Wine!

If you need a pair of good Hi-Fi headphones that are very open, warm and give a natural feeling to the music you enjoy, SR80 are for ya.
If you need tons of bass, you can always use EQ 😉 or buy one of those super massive headphone amps…or maybe use EQ on the low end.

Btw they make women look even more sexy with headphones, my wife tried them and I was like…ohh so headphones can make beautiful people look even more sexy..thats a new one for me! XD I also look sexy if she drinks a bottle of Porto Wine I’m sure! XD