Time and leisure.

Getting old has a unusual effect on some of us, I can't speak for others but in my case I have less time for my favorite hobbies. Music is now relegated to a on the go thing, mostly done on my daily commutes. The last time I picked up my reference headphones was almost 3... Continue Reading →

Adjusting my lifestyle.

A visit to the doctor. I'm fat, to put it bluntly, I'm obese and I was always like this since I was a little kid. I blame it mainly on myself, my life choices, my old civil construction job and to a lack of diet education, because yes, one should learn how to navigate around... Continue Reading →

Audiophiles please be nice online.

I should say that in the past I was very aggressive towards some of the bullshit in the audiophile hobby, these days I'm less inclined to attack fellow audiophiles. It's also no secret I can be very blunt if someone tries to shove pseudoscience up my ass, seriously don't even try it. With that out... Continue Reading →

Cmoy headphone amp update.

Looking at my blog statistics I noticed some visits on my now old and very dead Cmoy project. Out of respect for the people who are visiting I wanna give an update on my electronics projects. Since I built that Cmoy headphone amplifier and crossfeed my life changed quite a bit, I don't have the... Continue Reading →

The audio snake oil for fools.

Let’s face it, high-end audio is a cash cow for snake oil sellers and most audiofools will believe in anything that can improve sound of their usually perfect system. First of all, what’s an audiofool? Audiofools are usually audio enthusiasts gone crazy, this usually happens when their audio system is perfect and the only way... Continue Reading →

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