Sony jumps the shark.

Next project for Sony should be the digital audio directional cables for Premium Sound. Sony is now a prime example of a company ruled by marketing BS. I miss the old Sony and the way it was respectful for its clients and engineer teams.

Audiophiles and youtube.

This could be the worlds best sounding system. Can you please describe the listening experience in the room for us Youtube user…about this video. This is like asking for the experience of a live concert to a concert goer. I think review magazines with their subjective magic descriptions are making many people asking stuff like... Continue Reading →

The audio snake oil for fools.

Let’s face it, high-end audio is a cash cow for snake oil sellers and most audiofools will believe in anything that can improve sound of their usually perfect system. First of all, what’s an audiofool? Audiofools are usually audio enthusiasts gone crazy, this usually happens when their audio system is perfect and the only way... Continue Reading →

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