My KZ Top 3.

I must admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for KZ Acoustics in-ears and because of that, I follow their releases with some attention.My main problem with KZ, is their aggressive release schedule, they literally cut the value of their top gear almost as soon as it's released, lucky for us it's also a... Continue Reading →

KZ – AS10 Review.

The KZ AS10 was sent free of charge by Lillian the co-founder of Linsoul. I'll try my best to give an impartial opinion about the gear*. Below I share the links to the store which provided the samples I'll be reviewing, keep in mind that without the cooperation of this store I would probably not review this gear.... Continue Reading →

The KZ Wireless module sound quality.

I didn't want to buy the official "wireless upgrade module" which KZ sells for their ZS5/6 and other compatible IEMs (There I said it! ). Anyway, a LOT of people were asking about the module sound quality and without hearing one I couldn't actually help them out. I'm totally against giving advice on gear I never heard.... Continue Reading →

The KZ ZS6, a miracle from China.

I really took my time hearing the ZS6, mostly because this model was and still is surrounded by audiophile hype just like its predecessor the ZS5. Don't get me wrong, the first generation ZS5 was amazing for the price, even if a reviewer did made a drama around it. I was not really impressed when... Continue Reading →

KZ ES3 mini review.

As usual, these earphones were paid with my money and I'm NOT endorsed by Knowledge Zenith in any way. This review will be added to my guide to KZ earphones. The auditions were made with the stock tips that came with the ES3, if you use foam tips your mileage will vary but the piercing... Continue Reading →

A guide to KZ earphones.

First of all, please have some important things into consideration:I only write about the earphones I have or had on my collection.Unless I state otherwise, all earphones are bought with my money from various online shops.I'm NOT endorsed by KZ in any way nor do I want to be.Finally, don't expect most of these earphones... Continue Reading →

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