The audiophile cult of High-End.

I love music and like most audiophiles adore new shinny toys, be it new or vintage. Sadly these days I'm getting a bit tired of most audiophile gear related magazines, sites and blogs, and it all started when I bought yet another magazine. I picked up the 4€ monthly volume skimmed a bit and found... Continue Reading →

Revista Audio & Cinema em Casa.

So I subscribed for a year of the digital subscription of Audio on Magzter for about 8€ O_o…had a bit of a discount I must admit. Btw the paper magazine costs about 4 € so I think this was a good call, mostly because I tend to trash paper magazines after a few years. The... Continue Reading →

About ads & audio magazines.

I believe ads are a necessary evil in this consumer oriented world, good ads sell stuff and that’s a good thing for companies that need to make some money, the main problem is when ads are full of bullshit, and it does happen a lot in the audiophile world but not so much in the... Continue Reading →

Pro reviewers and biased articles.

I’m an amateur writer but I always try to be professional when writing an article. This means I need to have a no bias approach about the person or product I writing about. I don’t like the fan-boy attitude of some online magazine editors that bow down to the brands they review just because they use their products in reference systems or those... Continue Reading →

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