Discord and moderation.

As much as a I enjoy being away from some community drama, sooner or later I end up doing moderation work, which depending on a community can be rather fun but also a tiresome duty. Being a moderator on Discord is for most part a tiresome thing. Discord has a lot of toxic users and... Continue Reading →

Audiophiles please be nice online.

I should say that in the past I was very aggressive towards some of the bullshit in the audiophile hobby, these days I'm less inclined to attack fellow audiophiles. It's also no secret I can be very blunt if someone tries to shove pseudoscience up my ass, seriously don't even try it. With that out... Continue Reading →

Respect a client or lose it.

So after 18 years I finally changed my cellphone provider. I still remember my first cellphone a Samsung SGH-600 released in 1999, pretty cool 90's phone in my book at least. Yes, I was 18 years with the same network, people these days change yearly. Anyway I still recall the first contract I made for... Continue Reading →

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