Tales of lack of breath.

I started this last April with a mighty flu, which left behind a massive problem for my lungs. You see I'm not yet 40 thus in my mind I still think I'll get better on my own without going to a doctor. Big mistake and I paid for it big time! After more than a week... Continue Reading →

The Portuguese headphone scene.

What you'll read next is my view about the headphone scene in Portugal, it's an incomplete and somewhat subjective opinion, so please keep that in mind when reading. Portugal like all countries in Europe has a massive smartphone user base, it would be expected that most Portuguese would care at least a little about the... Continue Reading →

Assembled or made in Portugal.

I really love Portugal, after all I was born and raised here so that nostalgic patriotic feeling did rub on me, especially from my father who was in the military during the 70′s. So I’m biased when I say, most stuff made in Portugal is of good quality. The list is not amazing but if... Continue Reading →

The failure of digital radio in Portugal.

Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB started transmitting on my country in August of 1998 during the World Expo98, millions were spent on a broadcasting network that was built to be a failure like so many future projects of my country. What was the official reason for the failure, even with more than half country covered by... Continue Reading →

Ultra-expensive gear and normal wage.

I live in Portugal, a country in the economic tail of Europe, my monthly pay is about 750€ after all discounts, it’s not bad if you think about the minimum wage they pay here. That brings me to the fact that most consumer audio websites and magazines make me uncomfortable with my bank account. Maybe... Continue Reading →

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