Assembled or made in Portugal.

I really love Portugal, after all I was born and raised here so that nostalgic patriotic feeling did rub on me, especially from my father who was in the military during the 70′s. So I’m biased when I say, most stuff made in Portugal is of good quality. The list is not amazing but if... Continue Reading →

Audiophile objectivity & online harassment.

I’m usually all in favor of scientific testing made by professionals and will often joke about subjective testing of gear and interconnects, I’m known for using the bullshit word very often when writing about audiophile cables, but I don’t attack reviewers personally via the comment section of forums or blogs because I think its a... Continue Reading →

Audiophiles and the need to be.

Everyone knows I have a bit of a feud against audio cables and other so called tweaks in the subjective audiophile world, my hate for audio bullshit became so great I almost crossed the troll bridge to the dark side. I’m glad my self censoring works well and I refrained from making personal attacks to... Continue Reading →

The good in audiophiles.

I often focus too much on the negative side of audiophiles, because writing about BS is way more fun than writing about the good side of the hobby. I believe that many audio enthusiasts are amazing persons. I already interviewed some and even if only half of the enthusiasts are like them, this hobby is in fact full... Continue Reading →

Consumerism and desire.

Like all people I fall victim of my own consumer desires, the “I want" becomes the "I need”, but do I really need new stuff to enjoy my music, it’s a personal question that touches the core of the consumer society we live on. If my desires had their way I would have some top of the line... Continue Reading →

The 90s cult!

In 1996 I was half my age and things were a bit different. Didn’t had internet or a computer; my Walkman was my life; still had hair; didn’t had a cellphone and I was shy, so very shy. No I don’t want to go back to the 90s even if they were special to me,... Continue Reading →

Piracy and middle ground for fans.

Lets face it, if you use the internet sooner or later you’ll download or stream something copyrighted. Does it make you a pirate? You bet it does and there is no middle ground in the music labels business, if you hear it without paying you are a nasty pirate, so say arrgg mate and welcome... Continue Reading →

The failure of digital radio in Portugal.

Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB started transmitting on my country in August of 1998 during the World Expo98, millions were spent on a broadcasting network that was built to be a failure like so many future projects of my country. What was the official reason for the failure, even with more than half country covered by... Continue Reading →

The lust for upgrading tech gadgets.

People love new stuff, from smartphones and tech gadgets to furniture and clothes. Most people don’t like keeping the same old stuff around, but why are we so in need to upgrade tech gadgets? We live in a consumer oriented lifestyle, there is a constant need to consume or economic shit happens. Don’t believe it?... Continue Reading →

To be or not to be an Audiophile!

I don’t like to use the term audiophile so lightly, these days many audio lovers are becoming stereophiles, mostly because of information mediums sponsored by snake oil patrons that make these people spend huge amounts of money in products they don’t need at all. I consider myself an audio enthusiast and a music lover; those... Continue Reading →

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