Sony – MH755 Mini Review.

I bought the Sony MH755 for 10€ with shipping on a eBay Japanese shop (these are not fake, here's the serial tag). I’ll try my best to give an honest opinion about the gear, keep in mind I'm might have a slight bias towards Sony because I collect Sony Mini-Disc Walkmans and have a deep... Continue Reading →

How to spot a fake Sony MH750 / 755.

I really like the Sony MH750/755 models which were first praised by Crinacle on Head-Fi, so much that I bought from different shops just to find out there are a lot of turds fakes floating around these days. Crinacle wasn't kidding, so beware of fakes. It wasn't a truly altruistic endeavour, I just want to... Continue Reading →

Is Mini-Disc still worth it on the go?

Mini-Disc was technical but proprietary marvel from Sony, sadly it failed to gain traction in the US, with moderate sales in Europe and some success in Japan. Right now I'm writing an article about Mini-Disc which made me think if this format is still worth it for music enthusiasts, anyway if you don't mind reading... Continue Reading →

On the Sony NW-WM1Z Walkman.

Most guardians of the galaxy Walkman fans know the Sony TPS-L2 was released in 1979, in fact we (yes, yours truly included) celebrate this Japanese icon anniversary on 1 of July. Sadly this year I'm a bit late for the party, so to make up for my delay I want to share my opinion on the... Continue Reading →

Portable audio quality since the 80s.

Gear centered audiophiles rave about portable audio players all the time, most follow reviews sites in the quest for the audio quality grail. Often young enthusiasts search for audio quality like its some elusive thing that only the newest most expensive players will deliver, but sound quality is not a new thing. In-fact brands marketed portable... Continue Reading →

Sony jumps the shark.

Next project for Sony should be the digital audio directional cables for Premium Sound. Sony is now a prime example of a company ruled by marketing BS. I miss the old Sony and the way it was respectful for its clients and engineer teams.

Home theater disaster.

Yes at home I own an amazing White brand CRT TV, oh I can feel the pain of the people reading this and imagine I usually watch TV shows and movies on my Asus 720p TFT and thats it. I use my desktop computer for most of my daily needs and I don’t actually need... Continue Reading →

PonoPlayer hype.

So the thing will be crowdfunded and plays high resolution files. Hope it has a decent headphone amplifier inside. Now the 400€ question, would I pay for it? NOPE! This comes from a guy that has a Sony PSP as a Mp3 player and a High Quality Philips 16Gb Opus Player on the drawer because... Continue Reading →

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