Audio Enthusiasts – ana(dia)log.

I first found ana(dia)log via The Walkman Archive blog, even if sometimes I don't agree with this Italian gentleman I felt the need to reach out to him privately and interview him. We both share a deep love for music and in that we agree in most things. I'm without a doubt someone who enjoys the digital... Continue Reading →

Audiophile hype is necessary.

If you are a stressed commuter, the tree in the photo will make you curse specially in rainy days. Not only it hides the time of arrival panel but also the incoming bus. Now let's say there's an car accident and the same tree saves the lives of the commuters, will they still hate the... Continue Reading →

Hello! What is your stance on the digital vs analog sound? Also, I totally agree with you in the fancy cables, conductivity is conductivity. Good reads though. Thanks!

Hi there! Thanks, its always nice to have some feedback! 🙂 About my stance on the neverending digital vs analog sound wars, I enjoy digital sound….I shall now put my shootgun over the shoulder and wait for the analog lovers! XD Let them come! In a more serious way I think (and I said this... Continue Reading →

The CD bashing and vinyl fanboys.

Audio CDs are old digital technology, in fact more than 30 years have passed since the first CD players hit the market. Most audiophiles live by the vinyl analog motto; “digital sucks la la la”. Digital did suck, audio mastering methods of the first audio CDs were based in vinyl and most audio engineers didn't know how to work with the new digital medium. Join... Continue Reading →

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